EartH Groove @ 
Ashawagh Hall.

 Saturday, April 22th 1PM – 5PM

Explore solutions to our climate crisis and discover what you can do to create a sustainable planet.


Carbon Crew Project

Bringing actionable change to the climate crisis.

Our mission is to reverse global warming from the bottom up. Collaboration with others increases accountability and ensures success in reducing carbon footprints, creating a cleaner, greener, regenerative future.


Reimagining our landscapes

ChangeHampton is a community brigade to promote restorative, bio-diverse, healthy & sustainable landscaping practices and expand the Pollinator Pathways Movement on Eastern Long Island.



Be the Solution


Accabonac Protection Committe

Protects, Enhances & Restores the Ecological Integrity of Accabonac Harbor

Rewild Long Island

ReWild Long Island > East End

ReWilding for the health of our soils, pollinators & families. Join our East End projects: composting pilot, citizen science, pollinator garden & summer internship for HS students.




Plan Bee Balms




Nancy Miller- Beekeeper

Some Bee Facts:

A bee must fly about 55,000 miles and visit nearly 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey. They need to consume about 8 pounds of honey to make 1 pound of wax.

Handmade in Southampton using local honey

Studying bees has changed my outlook on the chemicals we are exposed to every day. The bees are declining because of toxic chemicals they are sprayed with and ingest. Plan Bee Balms is here to help you avoid the chemicals and preservatives used in ‘conventional’ body products. I use no preservatives, so you should use these products fresh.

Plan Bee Balms




William Falkenburg

environmental totems



environmental totems

William Falkenburg, an artist based in Sagaponack, has focused on environmental totems, including newly signifying objects and recycled paraphernalia. William graduated from the Parsons School of Design in 1970 and has excelled in the worlds of advertising, sculpture and painting in the decades since then, rooted in the Hamptons.